Young Gardener’s Program Sponsors Food Demonstration

As part of the Young Gardener’s Program, a food demonstration was presented to 30 scholars from Higher Achievement’s after-school program at Arundel Elementary-Middle School on March 5, 2014. The demonstration was presented by Chef Crisp, a local of Baltimore, and currently working with New Era Academy in Cherry Hill to create a farm-table-classroom.

Chef Crisp showed the students how to make vegetarian jambalaya, a staple New Orleans dish as a symbol of Mardi Gras. The students took an active role helping Chef Crisp throw in herbs and other spices and stiring the dish occasionally in the wok. The students really enjoyed learning how to make their own healthy meal. Many of them took the recipe home to share with their families.

Many thanks to Chef Crisp, and we hope she can join us again soon!



The Young Gardeners Program Receives Funds for a Second Year

We are proud to announce that the YouStickerng Gardeners Program received a renewal grant to fund the program for a second year! The Office of Civic Engagement & Leadership at Towson University, in collaboration with Higher Achievement Baltimore, was awarded the grant to support the after-school garden club for the 2013-2014 academic year.

The Young Gardeners Program began in 2012 in cooperation with Higher Achievement’s after-school program at Arundel Elementary-Middle School. There were fifteen elementary and middle school students who participated last year. We hope the program will grow to 20 students this year. The program continues to create a space for Cherry Hill students to expand their understanding of health, nutrition, and gardening in creative ways. Students have an opportunity to manage an herb garden, eat healthy foods, and participate in educational workshops. The workshops are presented by students from Towson University and Cherry Hill community members.

We are very excited to expand the program to new students and foster enthusiasm around leading healthy lives.

If you are interested in applying for a Cherry Hill People’s Garden grant, please contact Nadine Braunstein, Cherry Hill People’s Garden Project Director, at


Project Serve Returns to Cherry Hill

ImageOn August 23rd, a group of twenty students from Towson University’s Project Serve spent their afternoon volunteering at the “Eat Healthy Live Healthy” Urban Garden in Cherry Hill. This is the second year Towson students have volunteered at the Urban Garden through the program Project Serve. Project Serve is an optional community service experience for freshmen and transfer students to spend two days volunteering in Baltimore prior to their first semester of college.

The students were introduced to the history of Cherry Hill and the importance of the garden by Ms. Juanita Ewell, who is the Garden Manager. The students helped wash, sort, and take inventory of produce for the Saturday Market, and spread fresh mulch throughout the garden.

 It was a productive day for Towson University students and the “Eat Healthy Live Healthy” Urban Garden. Towson University continues to be a supporter of Cherry Hill Projects and is glad to continue the partnership to help new students become involved in the Cherry Hill community.

More information about the “Eat Healthy Live Healthy” Urban Garden is available here.



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